The imaginary historical records of the resurrected Baltic State of Prussia. An modern miniature wargames campaign with battles fought in 6mm.

"Prussia was not a country with an army, but an army with a country.."-Friedrich Freiherr von Schrötte, Prussian minister


The Mafeking Republic is located in Southwest Africa between Botswana and South Africa.  The capital city of the republic is Duharrare.  Mafeking has long been ruled by an elitist military junta led by President for Life Mukofo who took control in 2001 in a violent and bloody coup.  Mafeking has a poor and starving population of 623,000 people with most living in the south.  A socialist revolution, the Mafeking Nationalist Front, led by a corrupt former Mafeking Army major has risen in the west.  The town council of Winhduack which has a small minority population of white farmers has elected and setup a Heinleinist government based on the one in Prussia, and titled the Heinleinist National Party.  They've elected the former mayor of Winhduack as their interim President, Mr. Kabo Mbeki.  As his first act, President Mbeki requested aid along with diplomatic and military assistance from Prussia.  The request was granted and Colonel Johann DeBeers and his Prussian Afrika Brigade were sent to the civil war torn country.

The Prussian military base is located at Camp Elch in the HNP controlled city of Windhuack.

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