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"Prussia was not a country with an army, but an army with a country.."-Friedrich Freiherr von Schrötte, Prussian minister

Thursday, February 6, 2014

New National Assembly and Chancellor Elected.

Koenigsberg (AP): The Chief Counsel of Prussia Brigitta Olson swore in the new National Assembly today and a few hours later she welcomed the new and first female Chancellor of Prussia, Frieda von Moltke a descendant of the famous Prussian General.  Chancellor von Moltke was a dark horse candidate.  It was assumed that Conrad Hekel the former first Chancellor would win re-election easily.  Frieda put together a winning combination of ministers and won by the narrowest margin yet.

Chancellor Frieda von Moltke and the new Prussian Cabinet.
Vowing to continue with outgoing Chancellor Jaap von Huack's budget program she has quickly gained popularity and has announced her administration will set monthly budget expenditures.  She has promised the Defense Force further funding for the repair of infrastructure and equipment at home garrisons and overseas posts but stopped short of promising further military spending.  It appears her current military program will be to "make due." However events in Africa and Karakistan may quickly force her hand.

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