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"Prussia was not a country with an army, but an army with a country.."-Friedrich Freiherr von Schrötte, Prussian minister

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Prussian National Assembly Session and Upcoming Elections.

The Ministers of the Prussian Assembly have begun their lame duck session.  They are endeavoring to pass some last minute bills and other measures.  Elections begin next month and the ministers are anxious to return home to campaign.  Many are speculating that once the new Assembly is sworn in former Chancellor Conrad Hekel will be re-elected to the Chancellery.  However there a few ministers that are gaining in popularity in the Assembly such as Bronislaw Vorowsky from Lotzen and Joachim von Trapp of Koenigsberg to name two potential challengers.  One of the bills in the Assembly is the highly anticipated new budget for 2014.

Chancellor Jaap von Huack's government has accomplished much this year but his administration has seen a decline in military spending due to the automatic sequester cuts this past year. Rumors have it that the PDF is not happy with him over it. Also the unemployment rate has raised 2.4% in the last two years.

Work began earlier this month between the Chancellery and the National Assembly on a ground breaking new budget deal for 2014.  One that will reign in the sequester cuts that the Council of Prussia sets on government finance.  In the last year the Chancellor using his line item veto and, executive powers to close down many dysfunctional governmental programs, cut 1.1 billion marks from the governments budget.  However it wasn't enough to avoid sequestration so the Chancellor and leading ministers from the Assembly sat down together to hash out a new budget.

The 2014 budget contains no new taxes, although the sale of government bonds will continue but at a much smaller interest rate.  Many programs were cut, and some that were on the chopping block were saved by last minute negotiations.  All in all we believe to see around 3 billion marks cut from next years budget.  Undoubtedly this will free up more funds for the burgeoning military industrial complex in Prussia.  However to arrive there the government must travel a bumpy road.  The debt ceiling has been increased by 4.5 billion marks that is set to automatically be lowered back down 6 months into the new year.  Also the current government bonds with generous interest rates are coming due and must all be paid by the end of next month.  4.5 billion marks are due at the end of December with another 4.53 billion marks by the end of January.  

Now with all the talk of budget cuts new spending has been appropriated 75 million marks has been earmarked for sewers, roadways, and other infrastructure improvements.  As well as another 110 million marks on improving and expanding the energy and wifi grids, the national air and sea ports as well as expanding the capacity of Prussia's 3 nuclear power plants to meet further demand.

Chancellor von Huack's re-election to the Assembly and hopes of regaining the Chancellery in 2 years hinge on pulling off this landmark budget.

The National Assembly of Prussia.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lions of Allah in Karakistan

MOSCOW (AP):  Intelligence services have confirmed the existence of Islamist militants moving in and operating in Karakistan.  The Lions of Allah in Karakistan or LoAK are an off shoot of the LoA main branch in Africa.  President Putin vows to stem this tide of insurgency and is doubling the deployment of Russian troops in Karakistan and has warned all Allied forces serving in Karakistan to increase their patrols and be more vigilant.

The models are 3rd World Warriors from GHQ.  The Lions of LoAK. Click picture for larger view.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Addendum to French Arms Contract

JANES DEFENSE WEEKLY, Paris: Jane's reported yesterday about the French arms sale to Prussia but we found out last night this contract also included several AMX-30D Armor Recovery Vehicles like the one pictured here.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Prussia and France Sign Arms Deal

JANES DEFENSE WEEKLY, Paris: Prussia has signed a contract to purchase several GCT-155mm self-propelled artillery guns from France for 14.4 million Prussian marks.  The first of the guns are expected to arrive in Prussia by the end of August.  No doubt several of these guns will be sent to Karakistan and possibly Africa, however most of these guns are being slotted for service with the combat brigades garrisoned in Prussia.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Prussian Army Unveils New Combat Uniform for Northern Europe

Cpl Heinrich von Pilz shows off the new PDF combat uniform.
Heeding advice from Israeli military advisors the Prussian Army unveiled a new combat uniform today of an digitized olive drab color.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Prussia to Join Russian Naval Exercise in the Baltic

WIRED, New York:  The Russian navy is about to stage its largest war exercise in a long time — possibly the largest since before the breakup of the Soviet Union. It’s a chance for President Vladimir Putin to show off his military might, of course. But the exercise may also be a subtle warning to the United States: Stay clear of waters that traditionally lie in Russia’s sphere of influence.  The Russian defense ministry says its the “first time in decades” it’s launched naval exercises on this scale. The drills involve warships from all of Russia’s fleets: “the Northern, Baltic, Black Sea and Pacific,” noted a statement from the ministry. The exercise will be reportedly held in late January, and involve amphibious landings in the Caucasus and naval exercises in the Mediterranean. The Prussian Navy has been assigned a supporting role in the Baltic Exercise Area.  With the Prussian Navy doubling in size and strength it may one day find itself a bigger player in future naval wargames with it's Russian allies.

Full report here:

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Prussia and Argentina Sign Naval Arms Deal

Argentine Navy
JANES DEFENSE WEEKLY, London: Prussia has agreed to purchase 4 Allen M Summer class destroyers from the Argentine Navy for 7 million Prussian Marks.  The purchase has confused some naval analysts as to why any state would purchase these aging ships.  Perhaps the Prussian Navy has plans to modernize the ships?  However they could simply use them as part of their upcoming deployment commitment to the UN Anti-Pirate Fleet operating off the coast of Somalia?