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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Prussian Navy: The Seebeck

As a gesture of goodwill to world, the peace loving folk of Prussia have launched a ship that is the first of it's kind ,a hybrid floating hospital and science research ship. Named in honor of that great Prussian scientist Thomas Johann Seebeck who was both a doctor and a scientist.

While The Seebeck can sail with the capability of providing 2 missions. First, a hospital ship bringing medical attention to disaster and impoverished areas. The second being marine ecology, weather and other sciences. It will most likely complement out for one mission or the other prior to leaving Koenigsberg harbor.

The first voyage of the Seebeck will take it to parts of Africa to offer medical aid. The Prussian Admiralty decided to arm the Seebeck with a single 155mm Gun System for protection from pirates as well as a unit of Prussian Marines, after all the open sea can be a dangerous place.

Get ready world, we send to you, THE SEEBECK!


  1. Bio-weapons and other nasty viruses more like!

  2. Could be, rumor has it that PIS (Prussian Intelligence Service) has agents and equipment aboard ship.