The imaginary historical records of the resurrected Baltic State of Prussia. An modern miniature wargames campaign with battles fought in 6mm.

"Prussia was not a country with an army, but an army with a country.."-Friedrich Freiherr von Schrötte, Prussian minister

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Raid on Kutebbe

Strike Force Jackal led by Lt. Heinrich Pilz was tasked with escorting a UN Peacekeeping team to the small town of Kutebbe.  Word had come that Mafeking Nationalist Front had siezed the town, and killed many of it's folk.  The Nationalists Front sent one of their bloodiest field commanders, Major Umboto Daudee, to capture the town and setup a training camp for young boys being forcibly conscripted into the MNF.  

The UN contacted Prussia and advised that if our forces would liberate the town they would send in peacekeepers to protect it.  So accompanied by a Mafeking Republic political officer the Strike Force set off with the UN team to retake the village.


Mafeking Nationalist Front troops led by Major Daudee.

SF Jackal and UN Peacekeepers

MNF Armored Car takes out a SF HMV and killing the Mafeking Political Officer and a Prussian soldier.  The rest of Squad 1 exit the burning vehicle.

Fighting continues as both sides advance.

The UN Team decides to advance cautiously, and comes under fire.  The UN Armored Car fires it's gun but misses.  However just a minute later the UN armoured car is hit from RPG fire and takes critical damage.  Luckily the crew survived with minor wounds.

Squad 1 siezes the west bank of the murky Kutebbe Lake and sets up a field of fire on the advancing MNF troops.  Squad 2 deploys and attacks the MNF in their right flank.  Meanwhile Lt. Pilzs' T-55P tank takes out the MNF armoured car.

As their casualties became severe Major Daudee and a follower flee the field running for their miserable lives.

Post battle the PDF assists the UN team with clearing the town.  The UN troops commandeer the abandoned MNF cargo truck.  SF Jackal loads up and heads back to Camp Bushbuck.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

UN Peacekeepers

Since the PDF is now involved in the Mafeking Civil War I thought it would be neat to introduce some peacekeepers into the mix.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

War Hero Returns Home

 KOENIGSBERG, Prussia (REUTERS News):  Captain Erik von Falkenhuack returned home today aboard an army transport plane.  Due to his grievous wounds suffered during intense fighting to save an allied Russian helicopter crew; the Captain is no longer fit for field service.  For the loss of his right arm, and leg along with his left eye the Captain has been awarded the Frederick's Cross as do all Prussian soldiers whom are wounded in combat.

Captain Falkenhuack has been reassigned to the Koenigsberg Military Academy as an instructor of Small Unit Tactics and German Military History.
Frederick's Cross.  Awarded to all Prussian Soldiers whom sustain wounds in combat.

Friday, July 27, 2012

New Prussian Heavy Tank: Neo-Panzer II

The Prussian Army today unveiled it's newest tank, manufactured at the Krupp Works in Koenigsberg.  The Neo-Panzer II is classed as a main battle tank and the first units rolling off the assembly line are being loaded on cargo aircraft for Africa.  This one pictured below is painted in what the PDF has labeled Mafeking Bush Camo.  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Afrika Brigade: SF Jackal

The first 3 units for the African adventures of my modern Prussian campaign.  Strike Force Jackal, which still needs flocking on the infantry bases, I am undecided on what I want on the base.  Unlike Strike Force Hawk which operates in Field Gray, SF Jackal has utilizes Afrikan Bush Kamo.  SF Jackal will be led by 1st Lt. Heinrich Pilz.  As with Prussian Army guidelines when a SF distinguishes itself in battle it grows, so if Lt. Pilz is a good commander he will be allotted more men and firepower to command just as Captain Falkenhuack of SF Hawk.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mafeking: Nationalist Truck and Tank

Finished 2 vehicles for the Nationalist Mafeking Front for their operations in SW Africa.

Friday, May 25, 2012

South African Arms Deal

JANES DEFENSE WEEKLY:  Prussia and South Africa signed an arms deal today worth 80 million Prussian Marks.  Details of the arms deal remain classified at this time but unconfirmed reports of surplus British tanks and equipment were mentioned as the bulk of the trade.  Most likely this equipment will be utilized in the Mafeking Civil War on behalf of the Heinleinists there.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nuclear Plant Begins Operation

In a stunning surprise to the world Prussia announced the completion of it's first 3 nuclear power plants. Both the EU and the United States immediately called for UN Inspectors to be allowed in to inspect the facility. Poland is threatening aerial strikes, which has put the PDF on high alert. Chancellor Jaap von Huack says that the plants were publicly announced 2 years ago, so they should not come as a surprise to anyone. Further the Chancellor stated that UN inspectors will be allowed access to the facility but will be accompanied at all times by Prussian Energy employees and members of the Prussian Intelligence Service (PIS). The three plants will produce enough energy to not only meet all of Prussia's energy needs but will allow Prussia to export energy to neighboring countries. Only one of the plants uses a cooling tower the rest use the waters from the Baltic Sea.

New Chancellor Elected!

The Election Day results are in and the elected ministers of the 2nd National Assembly have
been sworn in by the Chief Counsel of the Council of Prussia. The first order of business is to elect a citizen as Chancellor and then the new Chancellor will appoint his cabinet. After a few hours, Jaap von Huack of Koenigsberg was elected Chancellor and immediately confirmed by the Council of Prussia. His vacant seat in the National Assembly will be filled by the citizen candidate that had the second most votes on Election Day in his district.

Election Year, New Rules for Ministers and More Police

National elections are being held today for the National Assembly of Prussia. Changes to the Assembly Law were introduced late last year to change the representation ratio from 1 minister for every 1000 citizens to 1 minister for 73 polling districts. Now while the new law uses the term people vice citizen, only citizens can vote and hold public office. There are 114,873 registered citizens out of a population of 360,000. This years election will reduce the seats in the National Assembly bringing the total down to 73. Chancellor Hekel may not stand for re-election to the Chancellery this year by law so he is running for a ministers seat in the Assembly from his hometown of Freidland. He may seek the Chancellery again in 2 years. Currently there are 3000 citizens running for office.

Another law passed in the last Assembly Session was the Currency Act of 2011, which renamed the Prussian Thaler to the Prussian Mark. 1PM = 1 Euro. Military expenditures increased by 80 million marks. The Republic expanded the Black Eagle Vodka label to include several new product lines including beer and wine. Alcohol and tobacco taxes were raised and the Commerce Transaction Fees put in place. The Republic Police Force was increased to 3500 members with 3 Command Centers. New recruits for the RPF are shown below in full dress uniform outside the Koenigsberg Republic Police Academy.

Once again Republic Service is open to all whom apply. Something will be found for you. Whether testing medical products, delivering mail, driving a truck or taking a bullet in Karakistan, there is a job for you in the Republic. Apply at your local Republic Service Center. You will be given medical & psychological examinations, undergo various testing procedures and given a standard 8 day indoctrination program and from there be sent to begin training in your new career. Remember, citizenship is awarded for 5 years of honorable service.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Prussian Annexation Aims

Koenigsberg, (AP): Speaking before the National Assembly and the Council of Prussia, Prussian Chancellor Conrad Hekel stated that it was the aim of his administration to see the return of all lands formerly known as East Prussia, reunited with the Republic and that the future of Prussia should and rightfully include West Prussia, Posen, Silesia and those parts of Pomerania & Brandenburg which lie under Polish occupation. The regional map shows the areas indicated in the Chancellor's speech.

Needless to say the Polish government in Warsaw cited the speech as ludicrous and again called on world leaders to stop this "Prussian Madness" before it leads to the greatest war in Europe since World War II. When asked for their opinions on the Chancellor's speech both the Russian and Chinese Ambassadors in Warsaw declined to comment.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Russian Arms Deal

JANES DEFENSE WEEKLY: Prussia and Russia have just signed an arms deal worth 53 million Prussian Marks. Prussia is purchasing several Russian made APC vehicles, BMP models, T-55M tanks, GAZ-66 Trucks equipped with the Chinese Type 63 MLR system, an undisclosed artillery gun and a single T-80 MBT. This equipment will probably be directly received by the 3rd Combat Brigade stationed in Karakistan.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Additions to Strike Force Hawk & Basic Army Structure

5th Army Regiment Commander Lieutenant Colonel Sepp Modell (soon to be Colonel) has decided to add to the war-fighting capability of Strike Force Hawk by adding a Heavy Weapons Team. The Colonel has also requested new APC units for each Strike Force in the regiment. The 5-man Strike Force Fireteam is the basic fighting unit of the Prussian Army. Delivered to the warzone by mechanized APC, Aircraft or on foot.

The organization of the Prussian Army is that of mobility. Speed was the most important aspect of the Prussian Army's victory against Poland. Had Poland been allowed to bring the full brunt of it's military capability, then it would have been a different outcome, unless Russia had came to our aid. Therefore each Combat Brigade and Army Regiment are built for speed, lightening warfare.

Each Regiment is comprised of three battalions of Strike Force Infantry, an Air Attack Squadron, Special Weapons Section and an Artillery Battery. Special Ops teams are allocated directly to the General Staff but can be temporarily assigned at the Brigade level.

Each battalion is comprised of four Strike Force units. The lead Strike Force of each battalion has 3 Fireteams, 1 Heavy Weapon Team, 1 Light or Medium Combat Tank and/or a Light Attack Gunship. Each of the remaining SF units have 2 to 3 Fireteams each, with support from a Light or Medium Tank. Similarly the lead battalion of each regiment has an additional 2 SF units, and/or other war fighting platforms.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Captain Erik von Falkenhuack, Wounded In Action

One of our nation's heroes, Captain Erik von Falkenhuack, OBE, was severely wounded in the Battle of Black Bear Down but thanks to quick action by his soldiers and army medics he lived. He was flown out of Karakistan to southern Russian and is currently in intensive care at the Regional Hospital of Volgograd. He is expected to survive. In the meantime, Strike Force Hawk will be led by First Lieutenant Ernst Wallowitz, a former Polish military officer.

Prussia and Israel Arms Deal

Prussia and Israel are in the final stages of working out an arms deal between the two countries. Prussia will agree to buy a squadron of MD-500 Defender Helicopters from Israel. Final details are being worked out in Tel-Aviv.

Likely armanents for the new Prussian choppers will include some combination of either:
4 anti-tank missiles
2 M134 Miniguns (HMG)
4 Stinger Missiles
2 torpedoes
2 Rocket Pods (7 rockets each)

Below is one of the helicopters being bargained for.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Black Bear Down

A Prussian HLA-1 from the 3rd Combat Brigade was sent to scout out and find the downed Russian helicopter. At about mid-morning it came upon the scene of the wreckage with the rebel groups that shot down the Russian helicopter still around. Fortunately, Strike Force Hawk was the closest friendly unit in the area and once again Captain Erik Falkenhuack and his soldiers are called upon to do their duty for Prussia .

Initial Deployment. I played the game with the PDF as Veterans, the 2 Rebel Cells as Seasoned and the 5 Rebel Groups as Green. Each Rebel Group was able to take 1 suppression but 2 wounds would scatter them.

Turn 1
Hearing the blades of the advancing Prussian helicopter the rebels at the crash site begin to stir, with some seeking cover in the forest while others continued to loot the downed chopper. Only Rebel Cell 1(single troops on green bases) in the left woods musters the courage to open up at the HLA-1 with an RPG rocket, luckily it streaks harmlessly by.

In response the HLA-1 advances to the edge of the forest and lets loose it's 30mm canon at RC1 but luck was also with RC1 as they quickly fled for cover. Captain Falkenhuack advances his Strike Force upon the scene as the APCs and his tank start firing their LMGs at the enemy causing some casualties.

Turn 2
APC1 advances and pins down one of the rag-tag rebel groups. Captain Falkenhuack's tank charges into the fray and rains lead upon another knot of rebels while APC2 uses sustained fire to pin down Rebel Cell 2, (green bases on right.) Meanwhile all the rebel forces manage to do is shoot erratically at the Prussians.

Turn 3
Rebels must some courage and win iniative. RC1 activates and fires their RPG at the HLA causing some damage and shaking the crew. Many of the rebels make for the safety of the forest, while RC2 fires their RPG at APC2 shaking it's crew.
The HLA activates despite the last hit and suppresses RC1 with a hit. APC1 unloads it's fireteam and fires their LMG at another rebel group causing several casualties with the rest fleeing the battlefield. However another rebel group manages to overcome their fear and fires a devastating shot at Capt. Falkenhuack's light tank causing heavy damage, enough to immobilize the vehicle. With the villains that hit his tank directly to his front Capt. Falkenhuack opens up with his LMG killing several and suppressing the rest. Other rebel troops fire at Fireteam 1 but miss as the Fireteam used the APC for cover.

Turn 4
Rebels win initiative again with RC1 shooting down the HLA. RC2 shoots their RPG at the damaged tank hitting it again, things are looking badly for Capt. Falkenhuack, if he is still alive. Another mass of rebels fires an RPG and destroys the badly damaged Prussian tank, while still more rebel troops rush up to reinforce the better trained Rebel Cells. One particularly brave bunch charged Fireteam 1 but was cut down in a bloody mess. Fireteam 1 still weary from being charged goes On Guard. APC1 fires at RC1 killing another while the crew of APC2 is still shaken.

Turn 5
The Strike Force wins initiative with APC1 causing more casualties to RC1 before Fireteam 1 charges into them for hand to hand combat. Both sides suffer casualties. APC2 gets things together and advances firing their LMG at the dirty rebels. On the rebels turn, RC1 loses it's combat contest with Fireteam 1. Rebel Cell 2 activates and destroys the LMG on APC2, while another rebel shoots an RPG as well but it's rocket crumbles on impact.

Last 2 Turns
The last two game turns see's the PDF Strike Force continue it's mop up of the rebel scum. Now giving credit where credit is due, the rebels fought bravely and strong today. As a result I will have to reinforce them with some type of new equipment. In the picture below you can see where the Prussian Ambulance arrives to tend to both Prussian and Russian wounded while the APCs and Fireteams secure the area. All of the Strike Force soldiers are worried for their commander.

I have decided that since my wife is a nurse I will let her roll the dice to see if Captain Erik Falkenhuack survived the action. I'll post his status upon her return from work.

Russian Helicopter Shot Down in Karakistan

Paris (REUTERS News): Latest news on the war in Karakistan, separatists forces there reportedly shot down an Russian transport helicopter. No word yet on the fate of the crew or if it was carrying any soldiers. A large crowd is starting to gather around the downed aircraft and celebratory gun shots can be heard all around. A Reuters photographer was able to snap this picture before fleeing with his guide for safety.

Prussian Army Ambulance

Making good use of the hand-me-down equipment that our great benefactors and allies, the Russians left us after independence, the Army took this older model Goyuz Cargo Truck and refitted it into a field ambulance. This particular truck is presently aboard a cargo plane headed for southern Karakistan where it will serve with the 5th Army Regiment, 3rd Combat Brigade.

Prussian Navy: The Seebeck

As a gesture of goodwill to world, the peace loving folk of Prussia have launched a ship that is the first of it's kind ,a hybrid floating hospital and science research ship. Named in honor of that great Prussian scientist Thomas Johann Seebeck who was both a doctor and a scientist.

While The Seebeck can sail with the capability of providing 2 missions. First, a hospital ship bringing medical attention to disaster and impoverished areas. The second being marine ecology, weather and other sciences. It will most likely complement out for one mission or the other prior to leaving Koenigsberg harbor.

The first voyage of the Seebeck will take it to parts of Africa to offer medical aid. The Prussian Admiralty decided to arm the Seebeck with a single 155mm Gun System for protection from pirates as well as a unit of Prussian Marines, after all the open sea can be a dangerous place.

Get ready world, we send to you, THE SEEBECK!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Prussia Manufactures First Helicopter

Jane's Defense Weekly
Prussia today unveiled it's newest military production, an light attack helicopter dubbed the HLA-1 Dragonfly. The Dragonfly comes equipped with a 30mm canon and plenty of ECM and other countermeasures, besides speed and agile performance. No doubt it will soon see service in Karakistan.

The Afrika Brigade

Major General Paul von Lettow ordered the formation of the Afrika Brigade today at Fort Frederick the Great in Koenigsberg. The Afrika Brigade is the fourth combat brigade to be raised by Prussia since independence. The Afrika Brigade is a "half brigade" meaning that it only has half the assets and manpower of a normal Prussian Army combat brigade.

Colonel Johann DeBeers has been appointed it's first commander. Some speculate that his appointment is due to being born in South Africa. Colonel DeBeers is currently serving in Karakistan as commander of the 5th Army Regiment. He is expected to report to the General Staff by the end of the week. Once in Koenigsberg the Colonel will be kept very busy organizing his new command and ensuring the delivery of the 2 captured cargo trucks full of small arms from Karakistan to our allies in southwest Africa.

At his change of command ceremony in southern Karakistan all of Colonel DeBeers officers and men wished him well with most volunteering to follow him to Africa. It's easy to see that he is well respected and loved by his soldiers.

The Afrika Brigade will intially be made up of assets from both the 1st and 2nd Combat Brigades which will replace their losses over time with the help of military recruiters stationed at all Republic Service Centers throughout Prussia.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Secret Accord Signed in Africa

The Chancellor today signed off on diplomatic arrangements that took place in secret in the tiny war torn and landlocked nation of Mafeking. Mafeking is located in Southwest Africa between Nambia, Botswana and South Africa. A long and bloody civil war has been raging there and in the last year a new power group has emerged, the Heinlein National Party, with political aims modeled after the government in Prussia. The HNP through it's military arm, the Mafeking Heinleinkan Army, now controls a large portion of Eastern Mafeking and their strength is growing. Prussia has agreed to immediately supply the MHA with 2 cargo trucks of small arms and ammunition and will send military advisers to assist in training the MHA.