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Friday, September 2, 2011

JANES DEFENSE WEEKLY: Prussia Unveils New Light Tank & Offensive Weapon Systems

The Prussian Army today announced the roll out of their first Prussian made tanks. The light urban warfare tank, called the Nacht Panzer 8. Below is a picture of the first 5 painted in field gray as per the new PDF orders, formed in a troop on test runs prior to deployment to Chechnya.

Also new information has come out on the PDF's offensive strike capabilities. The army's strike missile systems are at full mission operations and could be a serious threat to Prussia's neighbors. Intelligence reports indicate ground launched "cruise" missiles and there are sketchy reports of a larger possibly ballistic missile. Interestingly Prussia has also manufactured some rather large offensive artillery guns pictured below, the larger gun having possible range to target Warsaw, hence it being dubbed the Warsaw Gun.

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