The imaginary historical records of the resurrected Baltic State of Prussia. An modern miniature wargames campaign with battles fought in 6mm.

"Prussia was not a country with an army, but an army with a country.."-Friedrich Freiherr von Schrötte, Prussian minister

Saturday, April 10, 2010

2010 Polish-Prussian War Update

One minute prior to the midnight launch of the Polish invasion, PDF forces launched a scud missile attack upon the main Polish encampment spearheading their invasion force. Sources say that Major General Wolodizt, the invasion commander was killed in this attack along with a most of his HQ.

The Polish air attack proceeded on schedule unawares of the death of the commanding general, and targeted the decoy radar sites that the PDF had thrown up in preparation for the invasion. After the decoy sites were destroyed, PDF missile crews went hot with their radar and shot down the attacking aircraft. This was immediately followed by the Polish helo attacks on ground targets which had some success. The PDF quickly gained air superiority through the use of SAM sites and troop launched AA missiles.

In conjuction with the helo assault the Polish C130s carrying their Spec Ops teams entered Prussian air space expecting the Polish Air Force to control the skies. The C130s were met by PDF Migs and were destroyed.

Intense bombardment of the main Polish invasion force as it crossed the border from artillery and tanks along with a limited amount of cruise missile attacks was enough to stop and then repel the Polish invaders.

The small Polish marine force was stopped in the waters near the shores of Koenigsberg.

(I read about the plane crash this morning that killed the President of Poland and many others. God bless their familys and the nation of Poland and may the souls of those whom perished, rest in peace.)

Monday, April 5, 2010

2010 Polish-Prussian War

The Polish invasion of Prussia is set to kick off tonight. Thanks to sympathizers in German/NATO intelligence circles the PDF knows when the attack will come and their strategic plan.

A night battle shortly after midnight tonight. Polish fighter bombers will fly in and take out radar and missile sites, air fighters will quickly gain air superiority, immediately followed by helo attacks on ground targets.

After the first sortie enters combat a SpecOps company will be para-dropped by C130s into Koenigsberg to capture the Council of Prussia and the Chancellor and take them to Koenigsberg Intl Airport where the C130s will take them all to Warsaw to stand trial.

Polish marines will land at Koenigsberg Intl Airport since it sits on the waterfront, capture the airport then send trucks to link up with the SpecOps guys and their prisoners bringing them back to the airport.

Meanwhile the main force of the Polish invasion will begin a push up from the south destroying enemy units they encounter, capture Koenigsberg and occupy the National Assembly.

NATO and Russia have reached an agreement on the matter. NATO doesn't want war with Russia. So NATO will not assist Poland if Russia stays out. If Prussia wins, NATO/EU will force Poland to accept the voter mandate that established Prussia. If Poland wins, Russia will take Prussia back as the Oblast of Kalingrad satisfying Poland. Either way Russia wins, in their eyes. Now that Prussia is a prosperous state Russia is starting to lament granting independence. The Republic Intelligence Service is aware of all this as well thanks again to their sources in Germany and NATO.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Visit by Foreign Head of State

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela visited Prussia today on his way to meet with officials in Belarus. The Presidents plane landed at Koenigsberg International Airport and was met by the Chancellor, from there their open air motorcade made it's way to the National Assembly where President Chavez addressed our ministers in the Assembly, the Chancellor and the Council of Prussia. Later on the Chancellor and the President met to discuss future trade & possible defense agreements.
As a result of the Presidents visit ambassadors have been formally exchanged.
In other news the tense diplomatic standoff between Poland and Prussia continues as military forces on both sides continue build up.

Arms Production & Economic Issues

Russia had left Prussia with a larges arms factory that manufactured the new Russian helmet and body armor but also a myriad of small arms and ammunition. This facility is of course state owned by the Republic. Workers are recruited through the office of Republic Service as in any republic job, and of course service leads to citizenship.

Russia has agreed to provide assistance in the construction of one nuclear power plant, but the Chancellors office is secretly planning on building more, to ween the country off of heating oil from Russia in the event that relations there ever sour.

There are no taxes on corporations in Prussia. Corporations are not recognized as an entity as in other nations and thus are not subject to taxation but must pay for an annual privilege license. This has led to the mass immigration of corporate business into Prussia, particularly Koenigsberg where construction of skyscrapers are underway. In addition to their privilege license any business that operates and has facilities in Prussia must have a workforce of at least 75% Prussian citizens and civilians at those facilities and of course the rest of their workforce must be approved for entry into Prussia via a work visa. This situation has led to a fast influx of money into Prussia. Koenigsberg is likened unto Hong Kong and is being referred to as such in business and money circles. Also Prussian banks do not have to reveal anything about their clients, which has taken much business from Switzerland.

The current population is expanding, but there is hardly any illegal immigration since legal penalties are harsh in Prussia and border enforcement is taken seriously.

6mm Moderns in a Box

I attended Spring RECRUITS Con in Lee's Summit MO last weekend and came back home with a box half full of 6mm modern stuff, all for only $1. Huge assortment of planes, ships, tanks, troops and other stuff. Might conduct aerial and sea battles in this scale.

Propaganda Image of Future Prussian State

The Republic Information Office released this new image of a future Prussia earlier today. The image has appeared on patriotic posters spread throughout Koenigsberg and other parts of the country. The outline clearly shows areas of Poland that were promised as part of the original Prussian Independence movement as well as those areas that voted to remain a part of Poland.