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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Prussian Chancellor issues statement....

(CNN) Koenigsberg, PRUSSIA. Prussian Chancellor Conrad Hekel addressed an emergency joint session of both the Council of Prussia and the National Assembly. The Chancellor's speech:

"Citizens of the Republic, greetings. I'm sure you are all aware now of the recent declaration by the government in Poland towards our new country. All republic services are carrying on. Our ambassadors in Moscow & Brussells have been in contact and I have been briefed by our military and intelligence services. We have to ask ourselves this question. Will Poland refuse annexation of southern Prussia? We must proceed on the assumption that they will. Arrangements are being made both diplomatically & militarily to, hopefully, prevent this from happening. Militarily we are preparing for an Polish invasion to overthrow our government and install a Polish puppet administration. Every assurance has been made to us from Moscow and no doubt they will be made good. We are a young state, but we are not defenseless. Many of our PDF forces have experience in the Russian army and several of our officer corps once served in armies from Germany and France to the United States. In fact our Special Operations Group are all former members of Spetsnaz and German KSK. These past three months we have steadily trained and equipped our defense forces for just such an event, invasion by a hostile force. For the past month we have had 1 battalion of infantry on special duty in Chechnya serving under Russian allied command, they are being rushed home as we speak. We have much Russian equipment, such as tanks and the anti-air and ground attack missiles which our allies saw fit to bequeath us on our creation. We will meet any invasion with the full force of our military capabilities, which I believe more than suffice to hold the nation until help arrives or cooler heads prevail and Poland is forced to find a seat and sit down."

Indeed the mood in the streets of Koenigsberg seems to be a serious one, machine gun armed Police are patrolling the streets, alongside military vehicles and tanks. We've been told that a curfew is in force and that citizens & civilians are being warned for possible attacks from the Polish military. Lights Out procedures are being streamed on Prussian radio and TV networks. It is an anxious night. Back to you Wolf.

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