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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Poland Declares Prussia a Rogue State

(AP) Warsaw POLAND. Three months after the rise of the new Baltic nation of Prussia from the former Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, Poland's Foreign Minister declares that Poland views Prussia as a rogue state. This is casting doubt on the planned July annexation of lands that are currently inside the borders of Poland that voted for Prussian independence.

Tensions on the Polish side are rising as people living in the planned Prussian lands are protesting the Polish governments declaration.

The Prussian government has yet to respond to the Polish declaration. The Russian Foreign Minister called the Polish decision foolish and likened it to a spoiled child while the Russian Prime Minister Putin said that the annexation of the Prussian lands should continue as planned.

Russian economic and military aid to Prussia continues as Russian scientists and engineers arrived in Koenigsberg today to begin construction on a planned nuclear power plant and Russian fighter jets were seen landing at the Koenigsberg International Airport this morning.

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